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Lost Your Datsun Car Keys? Heres What you need to Do


Losing your car keys can be very a frustrating and inconvenient experience. Buying a new set of keys may cost you dearly. You may need to replace the old ignition switch with a new one. Only experienced Datsun locksmiths can do this efficiently for you at an affordable price. Some people avoid calling certified Datsun locksmiths when they mistakenly leave their keys in their car. Instead, they prefer to get into the car themselves in order to avoid expenses but later realize that they have actually damaged their vehicle. Seeking the help of a professional is much safer and economical than doing it yourself, as they are especially trained to unlock car doors without causing any damage to the vehicle.


Besides seeking locksmith services to manufacture a duplicate car key, here are few things that you need to do immediately to ensure the safety of your vehicle.


  • —The most important step you need to take immediately is to file a police report. Call the police straight away and give all the required details such as when was the last time you had your keys or when the keys could have gone missing. Get a crime reference number, as you will need this for any insurance claim.
  • —Next, call your insurance company to tell them about the lost car keys. Several insurance companies include stolen keys in the insurance coverage. Depending upon your insurance coverage policy, your insurance company may bear the cost or reimburse you the cost of car key replacement.
  • —When you have lost your car keys, one of the most important things that you need to do is to change the lock of your car. To change the locks, contact your car dealer or any of the authorized Datsun locksmiths.
  • —Since your car keys are stolen, the risk of car theft is high. Therefore, never park your car away from your home or workplace until you get the car locks changed entirely.
  • —In order to prevent your car from theft, use an anti-theft device like steering wheel lock or wheel clamp to keep your vehicle secure.
  • —Find your car’s verification identification number, also known as VIN, as this will be needed to replace your car keys.
  • —Do not leave your new keys near the windows, doorways, etc. This will certainly attract the thieves.


The best way to avoid car theft is to be more careful about your keys. To know more about car safety and Datsun locksmiths, contact (02) 8036 2429.