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Lost Your Proton Car Keys? Here are some tips on how to never lose them again!


Losing your car keys can be highly stressful, especially when you are running late for a meeting or any other urgent work. However, the good thing about losing the car keys is that it can be replaced with a new one! Yes! In this technologically advanced automotive world, you can make a car key within no time when you have misplaced the original one. The professional Proton locksmiths can make duplicate keys according to their original specifications.


In addition to manufacturing the duplicate keys, the certified Proton locksmiths can repair damaged keys and locks, retrieve locked-in keys, and install a car security system in your vehicle. When choosing an automotive locksmith, ideally you should ask your family and friend for referrals to certified and trustworthy Proton locksmiths.


Losing your car keys can be more than just frustrating, as it may put an extra burden on your pockets. You may have to empty your pockets to get a new key to be made according to manufacturer’s specifications. Here are some tips to stop losing your car keys:


  • —Since car keys are small and often move around with you, they are one of the most common things to lose or get misplaced easily. But you can still prevent them from losing by placing a medium-sized, fairly heavy, bright-colored tray in the entryway of your house. Make a habit to put your car keys in this tray every time you enter the house. You can also place a key rack for hanging your car keys and all other spare keys. Make a habit to hang your keys whenever you are at home.
  • —Don’t place your car keys near house doors, letterboxes or windows, as an intruder could pull it out through your letterbox using a hook.
  • —If you are really forgetful or careless, then you must have a spare key all the time with you to serve as a back-up. Making a duplicate car keys before the inevitable event of losing it can save you in emergency situations. Make sure that you keep the original and duplicate keys on the separate key rings.
  • —Buy a heavy key chain that is easily visible. You can attach this chain to your jeans waistband. A big sized brightly colored key chain will make your car key more visible.
  • —You can add a tag with your cell phone number or anonymous e-mail address (not true email address) to the chain, so if your keys are lost, the finder can contact you.


If you have lost your Proton car key and aren’t able to find the spare one, immediately contact Proton locksmiths to make a duplicate key for you. Have a question? Call us on (02) 8036 2429 to clarify your doubts.