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Tips to Prevent Motorcycle Theft


According to the latest data on auto theft by the National Motor Vehicle Theft Reduction Council (NMVTRC) of Australia, bike thefts in Australia are on rise, with a total of 8,623 motorcycles stolen in 2012/13 in the country. Since two-wheeler theft remains a growing problem in Australia, it is extremely important to secure your bike using appropriate measures in order to stay away from being a victim.


If you have a two-wheeled vehicle such as a Vespa, you can rely on Vespa locksmiths who can suggest you effective theft deterrents. Additionally, a team of expert Vespa locksmiths can install a new scooter ignition switch if the old one has started to wiggle around. If you have lost your scooter key or broken it in the ignition, the authorized can manufacture a correct replacement key for you.


Riding a motorcycle is more than a fun and joy today. With gas prices soaring, you can rely solely on them for transportation. Their small size and mobility of bikes, however, make them an easy target for thieves. It takes seconds for thieves to hoist a bike into a van and take off. Here are some simple measures that can assist you in preventing your motorcycle from being stolen or vandalized.


  • —Choose the parking area carefully. Avoid isolated location if possible and select areas that are well-lit with moderate foot traffic. Try to park your motorcycle within in a security camera’s view, especially when you are leaving it there for a long time.
  • —Lock the ignition. It may seem you a silly suggestion but motorcycles often get stolen because the owner forgot to lock the ignition.
  • —A single lock presents only a single obstacle to a bike thief. You should use it in conjunction with other methods of protection in order to create enough deterrents. One of the best ways to achieve this is through disc brakes in both wheels. This will strongly discourage a thief to ride your bike away.
  • —If your bike is equipped with a fork lock (similar to a car’s steering column lock), use it every time you leave your bike, even if you leave it for a short period.
  • —A high tensile chain around the rear wheel or frame of the bike connected to railings or a concrete anchor will make your bike fully immobilized.
  • —Cover your bike with a motorcycle cover. This will deter opportunist thieves.
  • —You can remove the main fuse of your bike when you park.


These measures can make your motorcycle a less inviting target. For more information, on Vespa locksmiths or for securing your Vespa or any other vehicle, call (02) 8036 2429.