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Honda Locksmith and Key Replacement

honda key replacement

If you own a Honda car, you are probably used to comfort, security, and a smooth driving. However, if you drive a high-tech vehicle, dealing with car lock issues may be much more difficult, as high-tech vehicles have a complex locking system that is more difficult for roadside technicians and mechanics to break into when you are locked out. Hiring genuine and professional Honda locksmiths is likely your only option, as even if someone offers to tamper with your car lock without the key, you’re unlikely to appreciate it unless he’s a licenced locksmith with specialised training from the company.

Keyless entry sounds smooth, convenient, and stylish; however, is it equally classy to see someone attempting to get into the car without a key, not by using a remote central locking, but by infringing on the car doors, moulds, handles, tailgate, and so on? That is unequivocally a ‘no!’ It makes no difference if you are locked out of your car and have forgotten the keys in the ignition keyhole, the driver seat, or on the dashboard; or if you have broken a key with a chip in its head; calling professional Honda locksmiths will ensure you are out of the problem as soon as you see them approaching.

What do You need to Know About Honda’s Locking System?

Honda vehicles were among the first to feature a factory immobiliser, also known as a “transponder” security system. These systems were available in the Honda Civic and Accord as early as 1996. A carbon chip was inserted into the key’s head, and this chip contained information that the vehicle needed to see before it would start. This is why it is critical to have a spare key for your Honda; if this chip is lost or damaged, your car becomes a liability rather than an asset. Early models will require the removal and reprogramming of their immobiliser boxes, which can be costly. Later model Hondas can be programmed via the vehicle’s OBD 2 port, which is located inside the vehicle, but may require a pin code to programme.


Professional Experience


Locksmiths for Honda vehicles are not just trained to unlock the car without the key, they are also fully equipped to repair the broken key. They are also trained enough to cut a new key and program it on-site, make a duplicate transponder key, repair the ignition, repair and re-install magnetic locks and remote central locking. If that’s not all, these Honda locksmiths can also repair your gate motors if required. All this is done by them, critically considering the safety of your car, ensuring not even the minutest scratch or mark is suffered by your car.


How do We Handle Emergency Situations?


An emergency can take many forms, such as being late for a flight, being stuck in traffic and unable to move the car, or a baby crying inside the car while holding the keys to a locked car!


No matter what the situation is, expert Honda locksmiths from Marco Auto Locksmith are trained to provide superlative services at a very quick rate of knots, ensuring everything comes back to normal; nobody misses the flight, nobody faces harsh honks on the motorway and nobody is worried to see the babysitting alone, for long all because of a locked-up car! For all these services and more, call us at (02) 8036 2429 or fill in the form below!