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Hello & Welcome to Lexus Locksmiths , Located in Sydney & Servicing Sydney For Over 5 Years.


Leading the way in Automotive Locksmiths for the last 5 years .


Lexus Locksmiths Sydney have state of the art key programming technology and stock all factory housings imported from Germany! So when you deal with us you know you get genuine Lexus keys and Lexus Key Programming.


Our equipment is design to be safe & reliable we ensure and guarantee safety.


Our machines software is updated Monthly.


Lexus Key Replacements : Lexus Lost Car Keys


Lexus Locksmiths are highly equipped and are able to re programme your new Lexus key or lost Lexus key Replacements


From Keyless entry to Lexus ignition key cutting and programming we do it all to give you a better idea below is a list of all Lexus locksmiths & Lexus keys we can reproduce for you ,


Lexus is200 Keys

Lexus is300 Keys

Lexus is250 Keys

Lexus is350 Keys

Lexus GS Keys

Lexus RX Quatro Keys

LexusKeys & All Imported Keys


And the list goes on call Marco today for Free advice and free quotes. For anything with your Automotive Locksmiths Needs.


Lexus Locksmiths: an art of breaking and making with perfection


Have you lost your key while taking out the wallet or a kerchief from your pocket? Now, how would you get it back? All this is too untimely to deal with on your own, and hiring an expert to retrieve your car keys is yet another hassle to think of. Well, not always, especially if you’ve found the right Lexus Locksmiths who are not only acquainted with the pertinent way to deal with all car lock related issues, but also know how much care your Lexus demands all through the process of lost key retrieval.


Why would you ever need Lexus Locksmiths?


Unlike in the pre-electronic past, when duplicate keys were simply taken to a locksmith nearby to make a copy of it, advanced automobile sector has gifted us all a car security boon (that turns to a bane when you misplace or break your key fob) that calls for programming a new key before introducing it to the car. If you really wish to open your car lock and get a replaced key, contacting professional Lexus Locksmiths will be the best option.


What to expect from Lexus Locksmiths?


Even if you are not able to unlock your car despite the help of your Lexus Locksmiths, which is only a slight possibility, your locksmith can help cutting and programming a new key to unlock your stuck car! From lock picking, key cutting & lock rekeying, door lock repair & installation to emergency roadside assistance, with Lexus Locksmiths, you name it and they have it!


The Art of breaking and making


The experienced locksmiths have learned the art of breaking the car lock and have been carrying on with this art for a long time.


For them, it’s a child’s play to break the lock of the door without affecting any other part of the vehicle. It will be a wiser option to install a new lock system as soon as the car key is lost as replacing the key might be precarious considering the chance of your previous key being stolen instead of just been misplaced. For the utmost security, Lexus Locksmiths would advise you to install a new lock with an innovative way of lockup.


Emergency assistance


Do you need an emergency assistance from Lexus Locksmiths when you have locked yourself out of the car in the middle of nowhere? Even if you do not know your own exact location, we’re sure Lexus Locksmiths can find you. Lexus Locksmiths are always on their toes to help you out in troubled times. Call them friends, or angels; but they’d go to any extent to ensure you and your car are safe and sound. Call us at: (02) 8036 2429.