Mercedes Locksmiths

Hello & Welcome to Mercedes Locksmiths , Located in Sydney & Servicing Sydney For Over 5 Years.


Leading the way in Automotive Locksmiths for the last 5 years .


Mercedes Locksmiths Sydney have state of the art key programming technology and stock all factory housings imported from Germany! So when you deal with us you know you get genuine Mercedes keys and Mercedes programming.


Our equipment is design to be safe & reliable we ensure and guarantee safety.


Our machines software is updated Monthly.


Mercedes Locksmiths are highly equipped and are able to re programme your new Mercedes key or lost Mercedes key .


From Keyless entry to Mercedes ignition key cutting and programming we do it all to give you a better idea below is a list of all Mercedes locksmiths & Mercedes keys we can reproduce for you,


Mercedes A Class Keys

Mercedes C Class Sedan & Coupe ALL AMG MODELS! Keys

Mercedes E Class Keys

Mercedes S Class Keys

Mercedes B Class Keys

Mercedes M Class Keys (SUV)

Mercedes GL Keys (4WD)

Mercedes AMG

Mercedes Vito & Transporter Vans


And the list goes on call Marco today for Free advice and free quotes. For anything with your Automotive Locksmiths Needs.


Mercedes Locksmiths to Fix Open Any Lock Type


What if some day you have to deal with a condition in which you have unluckily lost the keys of your lovely Mercedes car or have shut away the keys of your car inside it? At such a time coping with the situation all by your very own self is definitely unimaginable. Considering the immobility constraint and the time crunch, dealing with such an issue ‘on the dot’ might just be the real challenge. You might not be able to deal with it unless you ask for the specialized services of Mercedes Locksmiths who are the masterminds in the skill of breaking and creating locks for one of the most sophisticated engines- Mercedes!


Mercedes Locksmiths to Lend a Hand in an Emergency


Authorized Mercedes Locksmiths offer roadside assistance during auto lockout emergencies. Only a core professional can work for making or saving your day by lithely solving out emergency incidents. Mercedes Locksmiths can fix up all types of security needs like to amend locks, deal with keyless entry methods, make new keys to replace the lost key, modify automatic combinations of locks and also render expert services for all kinds emergency lockouts and key breaks. When choosing Mercedes Locksmiths, aspects such as consistency and knowledge hold a lot of weightage.


Round the Clock Service


Authorized Mercedes Locksmiths work 365 days a year, 7 days a week and 24 hours a day. They celebrate no Christmas, no Queen’s birthday; their clients’ satisfaction is a cardinal for them and work is the other religion! They painstakingly perform their duty that has been bestowed on their experienced hands, a task that is no less than a social attempt for the assistance of those who are trapped in a terrible state and need immediate help to solve it.


Seeking Mercedes Locksmiths can be a strenuous task if you don’t save the contact details in advance. One such company is Marco Auto Locksmiths who professionally provide various auto lock repair and replacement services.


Mercedes Locksmiths are also capable of unlocking your locked Mercedes car doors without compromising with the integrity of your vehicle system. On a different note, if you are possessing an extremely old Mercedes model, these experienced locksmiths will still be capable of repairing or replacing your vehicle’s ignition and door lock by reduplicating it for you, should the identical model be no longer in circulation. Re-keying your vehicle’s door, ignition system, and trunk locks, Mercedes Locksmiths can perform it all for you.


You can hinge upon them for carrying out automotive locksmith services on weekends and vacations as well. While making a selection, make sure that your Mercedes Locksmiths offer only the finest service and their pricing fall within your budget. Call us at: (02) 8036 2429.