Lost Car Keys

Are You Worried?

Today, most car manufacturers use technologically advanced lock systems. These can be unlocked only with the key that has been provided with that particular vehicle. Since only the authorised key will work in your car, in case it ever gets lost, it can mean a great deal of hassle, waste of time and high expenditure to get the key replaced. Have you lost your car keys or damaged the lock? Or do you just need a back-up set?

The first thing you will naturally do is call the car dealer; but even before you do that, just call Marco Auto Locksmiths. We are the experts who can replace your lost keys, repair automotive locks and make extra copies of the keys – and all this very efficiently, quickly and affordably. When you go to dealers for replacement car keys, the cost can run into thousands of dollars and they typically have a 2-6 week wait period too.

Some Car Key Facts

Some people wonder exactly why replacement car keys are so expensive. The fact is the new-gen cars are connected to the keys via radio transmitters that are embedded in the key head. This key is programmed to start only a particular vehicle. If the transmission is incorrect, the car is immobilised- though it adds to the security of your vehicle, it also increases the anti-theft security and the replacement car keys costs.

Why go through all this hassle when you can simply contact us for on-site Key Replacement services across Sydney and its suburbs? We provide reliable and prompt 24/7 Emergency Auto Locksmith Services, at a fraction of the cost. Marco Auto Locksmiths are always in evolve mode and we invest a significant amount of money in diagnostic tools; this gives us the ability to service almost all manufacturers & models and some of the less common vehicles which most other auto locksmiths aren’t able to support.

When you contact us, you save time and money as well as all the inconvenience. If you need a new key to replace the one you’ve lost or want a spare one, simply call us and check whether we service your car. Know that without the right kind of keys and the perfect programming, you will find it impossible to unlock a 21st-century vehicle. Marco Auto Locksmiths have been providing consistently high-grade services in this field for over 14 years.

We can guarantee you that no other auto locksmith in the region has the specialised computer system that we have- that can cut and programme more than 2300 different types of automotive keys. We use the highly advanced GCX300 and can laser-cut keys as well as reprogram them within the shortest possible time.

Range of Services

Since we are a mobile business, you don’t have to tow your vehicle to us; we come over to your location in one of our well-stocked mobile locksmith vans and provide a Sydney wide service. We are the expert auto key locksmiths who provide a range of services including:

  • —Double copy of keys with a wide transponder range
  • —Key provisions for most models and makes of cars
  • —Additional buttons for accelerating & other functions that are available in your vehicle
  • —Custom key programming- with remote transponders
  • —Clear display of a wide variety of remotes for you to choose from
  • —Provision of very high-quality keys to your car safe
  • —New auto keys if you have lost your car keys

Repairing Your Vehicle’s Wheelbase Cylinders

If your vehicle’s wheelbases get jammed, it can have a negative impact on your car’s power-steering option and will result in very hard steering. Marco Auto Locksmiths has highly trained and certified professionals who can tackle this problem in an expert manner – they will solve the problem by slowing down the rotation of the cylinder which will automatically smoothen the steering systems of your vehicle and will help it operate as smoothly as it was before.

The Cars we Service

We have the ability to cut & programs auto keys for vehicles including:

  • —Hyundai
  • —Lexus
  • —Daewoo
  • —Mitsubishi
  • —Honda
  • —Renault
  • —Peugeot
  • —Porsche
  • —Ferrari
  • —Audi
  • —Suzuki
  • —Jeep
  • —Landrover
  • —Holden
  • —Nissan
  • —Toyota
  • —Mazda
  • —Other vehicles

The Experts Who Handle it All

We are the one-stop shop for any service that is related to auto keys and locks and offer keyless entry services, immobilizer programming and worn out key replacement. In addition, we help with all varieties of lost car keys. In addition to all these services, we are the experts who can also provide you remote-central-locking fobs- these are used for the majority of cars that currently run on the country’s streets. There is no doubt about the fact that we are one of the leading and most preferred auto locksmiths in the region.

If you have lost/misplaced your car keys or find that the lock is jammed and that you can’t get into your car, don’t try to force the lock and specifically don’t try to use any coat hangers or any other object to get into your vehicle. This will only damage your vehicle and its locking systems and you will be saddled with unnecessary repair costs. Don’t forget, we operate 24/7 and will come over to your location in the shortest possible time and get you out of your quandary in a jiffy. For immediate help, all you have to do is reach for your phone and call our hotline number – 02 8036 2429.

Why Opt For Our Services?

  • —24/7 Services across Sydney
  • —Thorough, reliable and experienced service providers
  • —Value for money
  • —Licensed & experienced personnel
  • —All major car brands serviced

Car lock emergencies arise without warning; and when they do, you want to be assured that you have access to a reliable, trustworthy and licensed Auto Locksmith in Sydney, who will be able to attend to the issue on an express basis. Just keep the number of Marco Auto Locksmiths handy and have peace of mind that if you ever lock yourself out of your car or have lost your car keys, the experts are just a phone call away. You can call us at 02 8036 2429 or simply use this online form to contact us.