VW Key Replacement

VW Key Replacement

VW Replacement Key

So you’ve misplaced all of the keys to your Volkswagen? If you contact your local Volkswagen dealership, you will have to wait an extended period of time for a VW replacement key to be shipped from abroad. This costly and time-consuming procedure will undoubtedly surprise all Volkswagen owners. Are you also tired of calling every auto locksmith in the area in search of a VW replacement key to get your car back on the road? Don’t be concerned! If you’ve lost the key to your Volkswagen, Marco Auto Locksmiths will provide, cut, and programme a new one on the spot, so you don’t have to stress about lost time. We can get your automobile back on the road and some models. We also offer services for erasing all prior keys so that any stolen or lost key will no longer operate.

Volkswagen Locking System

Volkswagen’s Immobiliser Systems are among the most complicated in the Automotive Industry. After 2008, Volkswagen installed “Component Security” in the majority of its vehicles. Programming new Volkswagen keys became more difficult without the necessary tools. Transponders in modern automobile keys must be precisely configured to operate the ignition. If you take this task to a dealership, it could cost you a lot of money.

VW key replacement

Why Us?

We can provide you with a reliable VW key replacement service since we have the most modern and practical tools. In addition, by contacting the professionals at Marco Auto Locksmiths, means you have chosen a service that can reduce repair costs. Our team at Marco Auto Locksmith are skilled technicians who are highly efficient and trained in terms of fast response times to emergency situations. We can deftly resolve your automotive key issues, in a fraction of the time with no hassle involved!

VW Replacement Key Cost

VW Key Replacement

At Marco Auto Locksmith, we prioritise client affordability so that everyone has easy access to their vehicle without any hassle. Several factors influence our services, including:

  • – The type of service provided
  • – Remote, non-remote or transponder key
  • – Complexity of service
  • – Period of time involved


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If you are looking for a reliable local service provider with advanced technologies, then Marco Auto Locksmiths is the company to call. We are a Sydney automotive locksmith that offers prompt, reliable and cost-effective replacement key services for VWs and many other brand vehicles. If you need any more information about our services and the types of car keys we can cut and replace, feel free to call us at 02 8036 2429. Or you can fill in the form below!