It can be a frustrating experience to lose your car keys or lock them inside the vehicle. In such cases, a car locksmith is your ultimate saviour. These knowledgeable experts specialise in unlocking car doors without causing any damage. However, one frequently asked question is: How long does it usually take for a car locksmith to unlock a car? In this article, we will look at the factors that influence the length of the unlocking process and provide you with information that will help you understand what to expect when you call a car locksmith.

Factors That Affect The Duration of The Unlocking Process

1. Expertise and Experience

The expertise and experience of the car locksmith are important factors in determining how long it takes to unlock a car. Seasoned locksmiths who have dealt with a variety of car models and locking mechanisms over the years are more likely to resolve the issue quickly. Their knowledge and skills allow them to quickly assess the situation and select the most efficient unlocking method.

2. The Complexity of the Locking Mechanism

Different car models have different locking mechanisms, which range from traditional key locks to modern electronic systems. The complexity of the locking mechanism has a direct impact on the time required to unlock. Standard lockouts may be resolved in a matter of minutes, whereas advanced electronic systems may necessitate more time and specialised tools. Because they are designed to prevent unauthorised access, high-security vehicles with intricate systems can be more time-consuming.

3. Availability of Proper Tools

The availability of appropriate locksmith tools is critical for unlocking a car efficiently. A professional car locksmith will have a variety of tools designed for various lock types and situations. Lock picks, wedges, and key extractors, for example, aid in gaining access to the vehicle without causing any damage. Having the right tools on hand allows locksmiths to work quickly, reducing unlocking time.

4. Time of Day and Location

The length of the unlocking process can also be influenced by the time of day and location of the car lockout. If you are in an emergency situation late at night or in a remote location, it may take a little longer for a car locksmith to arrive. However, reputable locksmith companies frequently offer 24-hour services to cater to such situations, ensuring prompt assistance regardless of time or location.

5. Customer Cooperation

While the car locksmith’s expertise is essential, the customer’s cooperation can also contribute to the overall speed of the unlocking process. Giving the locksmith accurate information about the car model, lock type, and any other relevant details will help the locksmith prepare the necessary tools and techniques ahead of time, potentially saving time upon arrival.


The time it takes a car locksmith to unlock a car depends on a number of factors, including the locksmith’s experience, the complexity of the locking mechanism, the availability of necessary tools, the time of day, and the location of the lockout. 

Although each situation is unique, professional locksmiths strive to resolve lockouts as efficiently and swiftly as possible while prioritizing the security of your vehicle. If you ever find yourself in need of a car locksmith, understanding these factors will help set realistic expectations and ensure a smoother experience during the unlocking process.

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