There was a time when losing, misplacing, or damaging a car key wasn’t such a big deal. Many people used to have a spare one stuck to the inside of the bumper or placed in a little box attached to the vehicle. Modern-day cars are technologically advanced; their keys are all but standard and replacing these can be challenging and costly too.

If you start to look online for ‘replacement of lost car key, you might find many locksmiths offering these services. However, it’s crucial that you opt for the services of a skilled professional who can cut the perfect key.

Poor quality material or incorrect cuts can damage the keyhole. We at Marco Auto Locksmith are a leading company in the industry and have been operating in this space for many years. We can provide all types of car keys for vehicles of different makes and models.

Steps To Take For Car Key Replacement

If you have lost or misplaced your car key, and are wondering whether you can get it replaced, this is what you can do”

  • Traditional Car Keys- Standard keys that are used by auto manufacturers are mechanical. You only have to insert them in the ignition and turn it to start the car. If you lose this kind of key, you would have to call in a professional locksmith for car key replacement. They will visit your location and cut a new car key on the spot. If you have an older vehicle with an unusual lock, the locksmith might not be able to help. In this case, you would have to go to the car dealer or replace the ignition lock cylinder itself.
  • Car Key Fobs– If you have lost your car key fob, you would still be able to use a key to unlock the vehicle and start it. Fobs are aftermarket products, which you can get programmed very easily and no special tools needed. Auto parts stores, dealerships and online stores sell these products. Switchblade keys are a little more costly to replace but you can easily find them at a dealership or online.
  • Transponder Key– These keys were created in the mid-1990s to add a layer of security to the vehicle. These ignition keys have a computer chip embedded in the plastic head and require a wireless connection between the vehicle, before they permit the ignition to start. if you do not have a backup key and you lose the original transponder key you would have to get your car towed to the nearest dealership and purchase a key after providing proof of ownership papers

If you have lost your car key and need a replacement or require any other automotive key services, feel free to contact Marco Auto Locksmiths at 02 8036 2429. You can also fill in this Contact Us form for a callback. As mentioned earlier, it’s crucial to engage the services of a professional and experienced locksmith who can provide all types of keys.