Efficient lock and key arrangements protect your belongings from unauthorized access. You can define access with different key sets. However, managing other keys can be a difficult task. One of the major issues includes losing the keys to your home or place. Things can get worse when you don’t have even duplicate keys. Most vehicles and locks come with multiple passes to address the mismanagement issues. Further, breaking your keys can add to the fuss. However, you’re left with no good options when you lose the single access to your place or almirah. Getting a key cut is the best option to prevent chaos when your keys are broken or lost.

What is Key Duplication?

Creating a key from the existing original key to make a set is termed key duplication. This is the best way to stay protected from dead ends. You can reach any of the local locksmiths to get it done. Most locksmiths go for the key-cutting procedure to duplicate your set. They can go for automated machines or mechanically operated machines, depending on the requirements. In this key cutting method, the flat key is carved out according to your original resolution using a vice and a machine. It is a simple, yet powerful process.

How is Key Cutting Done?

Key cutting is done at any hardware store near you. You can go for the online key cutting services as well. Depending upon the services, these key duplication agencies charge a minimal rate for their services. Key cutting starts with the vice machine. A flat piece of metal or flat key is placed in the vice in a machine. It has a blank attached to a parallel vice.     This blank moves along with the sharp wheel blades that cut the flat key in the original key’s shape. Thus, you get a basic copy of your original key.

After the basic key cutting is complete, it is time to brush out the waste material. This helps in obtaining a clean duplicate key. The most important part of the key cutting process is to guide using the original key. Using an already copied key can foul your lock badly.

How Much Time is required for Key Cutting?

You may need to get a key cutting done in limited timelines due to stuck situations. It is a simple process that usually takes 20 to 25 minutes only. After key cutting, it may take another 5-10 minutes to clean the key and do the required chipping. Henceforth, it is easy to pay a visit to your nearest authorized locksmith. Alternatively, you can go for the online key cutting services that can deliver you the duplicate keys within 24 hours only. Thus, you don’t have to wait while looking for the best key cutting services.


Just like it is said that it is better safe than being sorry, you must go for key cutting before the need arises. It is a quick process and best achieved at a licensed locksmith’s place.