central locking system

A central locking system is convenient, it makes things easy, quick and better for everyone be it the driver or passengers. This central automatic system is a perfect car key replacement as with it the driver can lock or unlock all the doors at the same time. You can visualize a central lock as a remote control with which you control access to your car.

There are three simple points to understand how central locking works:

  • A signal is sent to the door lock relay from the remote or key button
  • The lock relay in turn activates the actuator inside the door
  • The lock opens and thus grants access to the vehicle

Why is the central lock system of your car not working?

Almost everything you use can break down at some point in time and the car locking system is no exception. There are many reasons or causes that can lead to a malfunction in the system. Here are some of the most common ones:

  1. Your car battery has a problem or is dead. Therefore, as a first step, you must check your car battery to ensure it is functioning properly.
  2. The key fob battery has a fault or is dead. The key fob needs a power source and that is the battery. As the battery lasts quite a long, many car owners don’t realize that it exists and can have an issue. In this case, you just need to get the battery replaced.
  3. If replacing the battery of the key fob does not resolve the problem, there could be a fault in the key fob itself. A professional will be able to help you in that case.
  4. If except one, all other doors are working fine, there might be a blown fuse. Fuse replacement is the best solution here and is easy and cheap to be done.
  5. A bad solenoid could also be causing the issue mentioned in the last point, however, solenoid replacement is more expensive and complex.
  6. Sometimes it is not the battery that causes the issue but a broken wire in the system. In that case, an expert will be able to diagnose and fix the issue.
  7. If the locks are stuck or not lubricated properly, you may again experience issues with the system.

Getting your car’s lock system fixed

An expert or a professional locksmith for cars will be able to help you in fixing the car’s lock system. The typical cost depends on the model and makes of your car. The expert will do the following when they come to resolve your issue:

  • Test the lock operations
  • Test all fuses in the circuit
  • Check the relay system
  • Decide the best and most feasible solution
  • Replace any malfunctioning units
  • Test the system to ensure everything is working properly

You must choose a trusted and reliable service provider who knows the nuances of car locking systems. As the job needs an understanding of the internal system both mechanical and electrical and cannot be handled well by a novice.

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